Kutis comes from the latin word Cutis meaning the true skin. What I love about this company is the amount of effort they have gone to provide sustainable, eco-friendly skincare that has been ethically sourced from sustainable materials and never tested on animals.

Skincare that doesn’t harm us or the environment is priority for me and so when I found out about ‘ku.tis I was overjoyed. They offer a range of different scented deodorants, lip balms and daily skincare products that are made using only natural ingredients and contain no chemicals whatsoever.

Kutis try to be as eco-friendly as possible and so all of their packaging is sourced from the UK and is fully recyclable, they are transitioning into eliminating plastic all together which is amazing!

Such a beautiful natural skincare range which I highly recommend, your skin will be all the better for it. This range is deal for plastic free and sustainable living.

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