Traditional sunscreen which contain chemicals have a devastating effect on coral and marine life and that’s not even considering the effect the plastic bottle itself has on the environment.

Although sunscreen is extremely important when it comes to protecting our skin from the sun we can choose a much healthier, eco-friendly alternative which is made from natural ingredients which won’t harm the environment or out skin!

Our natural Shade sunscreen is non-toxic and chemical free it just has four ingredients, that is it!

This is one of my best plastic free finds, I thought I would always have to use chemical, plastic packaged sunscreen but now I know there is a much better way to protect my skin.

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  • Shade All Natural Sunscreen – 100ml

    Shade All Natural Sunscreen has four ingredients in it...yes only four, all natural too!
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  • Shade All Natural Sunscreen – 15ml

    Shade Sunscreen has four natural ingredients in it...yes only four!
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