Rice Husk Lunch Boxes That Are Biodegradable

Discover our range of rice husk lunch boxes that are made using eco friendly and sustainable, recycled rice husks. Rice husk lunch boxes are great insulators which means they are perfect for keeping hot food warmer for longer, ideal for having lunch on the go! Healthier for you and kinder to our planet, rice husk lunch boxes are also reusable, biodegradable, non-toxic and natural. Shop eco friendly brand Huski Home!


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Keep Your Lunch Fresh With A Rice Husk Lunch Box

With so many of us having busy schedules sometimes having lunch on-the-go is essential. But instead of opting for a premade snack or sandwich why not be prepared and use a rice husk lunch box! Easy to use and durable, rice husk lunch boxes can be used time and time again, are eco friendly and zero waste!

What's great about rice husk is that it is a renewable material and is perfect for keeping a variety of foods fresher for longer. Rice husk lunch boxes help reduce your use of single-use plastic and carbon footprint! Did you know disposable food packaging is one of the world's worst polluters, increasing the overcrowding of landfills and littering our land and oceans. That's why it is so important to opt for reusable and eco friendly alternatives such as rice husk lunch boxes which are biodegradable!

A fun fact about sustainable rice husk is that it is built of a naturally occurring silica that can help strengthen building structures. So don't worry if you drop your rice husk lunch box, it is made to last and not matter how many times you use it, it is still hard wearing!

At Peace With The Wild, we stock an eco selection of rice husk lunch boxes that have all been hand-picked for their eco friendly and sustainable credentials. Shop rice husk lunch boxes in a variety of colours and designs by zero waste brands such as Huski Home and Nature & My. All our rice husk lunch boxes are supplied in plastic free packaging that is recyclable or reusable!