Active Box Of Fegoo Christmas Gift Set


Anti Chafing Cream - 140ml

Nothing can take the spring from your step quite like the uncomfortable effects of chaffing. Itching, discomfort, redness and even blisters can knock even the most seasoned athlete off their game! By applying our chaffing cream to any of these areas you can reduce rubbing and avoid those dreaded hot spots. Anti-chafing cream blends natural oils and fruit butters to create a protective barrier over your skin and help avoid the uncomfortable effects of chaffing and rashes caused by sweating and friction

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Dry Shampoo - 50g

FeGoo Dry Shampoo + is for those on the move but conscious of the impact they may be having on the environment. Dry Shampoo + will help you stay fresh between washes without the need for water. That’s better for the environment as it reduces the amount of chemicals leaked into rivers, lakes or oceans. It can be applied as a deodorant too so you can cut down the number of products you need to carry in your kit.

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Spearmint Deodorant Balm - 60g

Spearmint deodorant is for those on the move or at home. Whether you’re going camping for the weekend, heading to a festival or setting off on a backpacking it’s perfect to chuck in your bag and not worry about any leaks-we’ve all been there. The deodorant balm, is formulated using only natural and organic ingredients and is kind on your skin and smell great too.

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Upcycled Wash Bag

An innovative design by FeGoo who have found the perfect solution for disposing of old cycling inner tubes by upcycling them into these amazing wash bags with the tyre valve as the zip toggle! These hard wearing wash bags will last a long time and if you get a rip or tear simply repair with a puncture repair kit! Genius

Skin Balm - 40g

Skin Balm was originally created for climbers, whose hands often suffer from dry, cracked and often sore skin. Maybe your hands are just taking a battering in the gym so are needing some TLC then the skin balm is perfect. You can work it into the skin and it’ll stay put rather than rub off like a traditional cream.

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