Baby Essentials Christmas Gift Set


Fleece Nappy Liners - 5 Pack

These fleece liners can be used with any of our other cloth nappies for that added bit of protection to keep you little one happy and dry. All Totsbots products are made in Scotland with love.

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Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution - 20 Pods

Why not substitute your wet wipes for a more eco-friendly, cruelty-free alternative which uses natural ingredients that are SLS, paraben, and palm oil free. They are also allergen free fragranced where possible. What's more is that they have a heavenly scent of chamomile and lavender, paired with a soft lilac and white colour which is easy to indulge in.

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Organic Bamboo Wipes - 5 Pack

Luxuriously soft bamboo wipes, perfect for those with sensitive skin, especially babies and children. Handmade in the UK using 90% organic bamboo and 10% viscose these wipes are made to last. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and grows in abundance without the need of fertilisers or pesticides. Bamboo is an extremely useful material which can be made into so many different types of products including fabric!

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Cloth Nappy Teeny Fit Star

Totsbots Teeny Fit Star is the perfect small newborns, this tiny nappy features the award-winning bamboo core and is a great performer. These reusable cloth nappies are made with love in Scotland by Totsbots, high quality and eco-friendly these nappies are made to last.

Large Nappy Wet Bags - Grey Crosses

Used cloth nappies while out and about, dirty clothes while travelling (perfect for potty training accidents), used unpaper towels in the kitchen, produce and food, wet swimwear, breast pump parts, a much better reusable alternative to plastic bags.

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