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Natural Rubber Pacifier - Powder Pink

100% pure natural rubber is used to make the pacifier. It is soft but very durable, natural rubber is sustainable, eco-friendly and much healthier being BPA, Phthalates and PVC free, a perfect material for babies. The HEVEA pacifier in Powder Pink is the cutest baby colour, perfect for whenever a new little one enters the world. The Powder Pink pacifier comes in orthodontic shape and size (0-3 months). 

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Organic Baby Massage Oil - Pure

Organic Baby Massage Oil Pure by Valley Mist, is formulated and specifically made for babies but suitable for all skin types. An organic blend of sunflower and sesame seed oil is perfect for massaging soft skin. The key ingredient is sesame seed oil, which has been used for thousands of years in India for Ayurvedic practices. Organic cosmetic grade sesame seed oil is blended with organic cosmetic grade sunflower seed oil to make a delightful and effective massage oil that has the rich viscous property yet balanced lightness that won't leave the skin heavy in oil. Pure baby massage oil is made without fragrance so you can rest assured your baby's skin will love this kind and gentle blend of oils.

Bamboo Flannel

A soft bamboo flannel is pure luxury. The bamboo is naturally antibacterial and grows in abundance without the need of fertilisers or pesticides, it is even naturally irrigated. Bamboo is an extremely useful material which can be made into so many different types of products including fabric.

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