Christmas Baking Gift Set


Whisk with Wooden Handle

Eco Living sustainable whisk with wooden handle for a firm grip and metal whisk for superior performance. An essential kitchen utensil that is 100% plastic free, perfect for whisking and whipping up your favourite dishes. Great for whipping up egg whites and cream when baking or creating a rich, delicious sauce.

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Large Bamboo Spatula - 12"

Bamboo is ideal for such utensils because of how strong, and flexible it is. Bamboo is a natural anti-microbial.  What makes this spatula so durable is that it is handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo, it's not held together by anything other than is pure natural strength. 

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Large Bamboo Tongs

These beautifully crafted tongs are perfect for the multi-tasking cook. Made from a single piece of organic bamboo, they are strong, durable and of the highest quality. These tongs are lightweight but strong and suitable size for both cooking and serving.

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