Christmas Eco Tea Gift Set


Green Tea

The one thing all tea companies do seem to agree on is that loose leaf tea in a teapot makes a superior tasting tea. Nemi loose leaf teas come in a simple, plastic-free, cardboard tube that can be upcycled. Our premium loose-leaf tea is also packaged in a 100% biodegradable pack made of a material called Natureflex.

Short Handle Organic Cotton String Bag

These organic cotton string bags are certified under the Global Oganic Textile Standard (GOTS), meaning no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in the production of the of the fabric and farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage. Turtle Bags are naturally super strong, they can carry up to 40kg and are extremely durable! These bags will stretch once you place your shopping inside, allowing you to carry tonnes of shopping, say goodbye to plastic bags!

Snowflake Soap - 90g

Fragrance free and colourant free, this soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially ideal for sensitive or dry/mature skin. The combination of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter make this a wonderfully gentle and moisturising soap with an unbelievably luxurious creamy lather. Suitable for hands, face and body. Handcrafted by Hatton Handmade Soap in Lincolnshire, UK. This natural solid soap bar is made using the cold process method using vegetarian ingredients and then cut by hand.

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Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser Basket

This tea basket is a reusable tea bag alternative perfect for brewing loose tea leaves and reducing waste. It is very easy to clean, load and unload as its hinged top completely opens. It’s the perfect size to fit into most standard containers like mugs or mason jars. This stainless steel tea infuser is more durable and safety tested in the UK.

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