Christmas Italian Coffee Gift Set


Pink Glass Coffee Cup - 12oz

Neon Kactus coffee cups are made from durable borosilicate glass with a textured silicone thermal sleeve and ergonomically designed splash proof silicone lid which are available in a variety of colours. Glass is non-toxic and non-leaching, meaning the cup will not absorb residual tastes, odours or germs so the drink inside will taste just as it should. The Neon Kactus cups are also thicker than many other glass cups on the market, which means they will keep drinks warmer for longer and are very comfortable to hold (especially helpful when used for black/herbal teas). The silicone sleeve and lid are BPA free and fully recyclable! It ensures your fingers and hands are protected while also keeping your drink the perfect temperature.

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Italian Rich Roast Premium Instant Coffee

Super high quality Arabica coffee with a blend of premium beans which combine to create a rich Italian style coffee. Roasted a little darker than the other premium origin coffees in our range, but avoiding any burnt or smoky notes. Expect a full and rich body with a dark chocolate flavour and surprisingly good balance. Enjoy with biscotti and a small glass of sparkling water for a true Italian experience.

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Vegan Organic Raw Chocolate Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt - 35g

Raw Halo Chocolate use ethically sourced ingredients from small, organic farms that trade their produce for a fair price and treat their communities well. All their chocolate bars are packaged completely plastic free in recyclable aluminium foil and paper. A creamy and sweet Mylk chocolate bar teamed with pink Himalayan salt. 52% cacao solids, a sophisticated mylk chocolate made with ethically sourced cacao, blended with coconut sugar and creamed coconut.

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