Dry & Curly Hair Christmas Morning Gift Set


Sweet Solid Lotion with Sweet Orange & Cinnamon - 90g

This rich lotion bar will deeply moisturise your skin in just one go! Just rub it on damp skin and massage it to help the absorption, and remember that a little goes a long way! This bar is inspired by the comforting and warm mulled wine ('vin brulé' in Italian), and it's scented with sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils, which give it a sweet and cozy scent! (Please note that all ZWP products are gender-neutral/unisex)

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Natural Deodorant Tin - Grapefruit & Lemongrass 60g

Natural deodorant tin in a delightful scent of grapefruit and lemongrass by Zero Waste Path. A natural deodorant cream that keeps you fresh while moisturising and nourishing the skin. Made with only natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients! With a strong, citrus scent that makes you feel fresh every time. In addition to this lemongrass essential oil helps boost the antibacterial power of the natural deodorant. Not an antiperspirant deodorant, but thanks to it's wonderful antibacterial properties it will keep all bad odours away and help underarms stay fresher for longer. Zero Waste Path natural deodorant is made using 100% renewable energy!

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Gingerbread Man Soap - 50g

Handcrafted by Hatton Handmade Soap in Lincolnshire, UK. This natural solid soap bar is made using the cold process method using vegetarian ingredients and then cut by hand. All Hatton soap bars are cruelty free, free from palm oil, vegetarian, 100% natural & zero waste. Gingerbread Man Soap made with sweet orange, cinnamon and clove essential oils blended with turmeric and mixed spice for a fragrance reminiscent of Christmas cake (but don't eat it!).

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2in1 Shampoo & Conditioning Bar - Dry + Curly Hair

70g (40 washes) This PH-balanced 2in1 solid shampoo + conditioner is made with gentle and biodegradable surfactants (made from coconut!) that will clean your hair while keeping them moisturised. The hydrolysed quinoa will add some extra softness and make combing much easier, while also helping with colour retention! The organic unrefined Shea and Cocoa butters will deeply condition your hair, while the lemon and bergamot essential oils stimulate the scalp. This shampoo bar doesn’t need an acid rinse and it doesn’t have a transition phase!

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