Eco Living Kitchen Essentials Christmas Gift Set


Wooden Biscuit Roller

Sustainable wooden biscuit roller with 12 figures to create individual and unique biscuits, have some fun in the kitchen the plastic free way! Easy to use, you can make tasty biscuits even quicker with different designs that everyone will love. Once your biscuit base is of your desired thickness, easily roll the biscuit roller over the base and see the biscuit designs come to life. Use a knife or spatula to carefully cut each biscuit out.

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Plastic Free Honey Dipper

Honey dippers are great way to get honey out of a jar! They also allow for a slow and steady dribble which means you can get an even coating. A great eco-friendly alternative to using a spoon where the honey can spill over the sides and end up causing more mess.

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Wooden Lemon Reamer

Eco Living wooden lemon reamer, perfect for juicing your favourite citrus fruit. Enjoy freshly squeezed oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes! Great for use when making a quick and easy lemon salad dressing.

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Wooden Egg Timer

Eco Living wooden and glass egg timer with grains of sand inside. Egg timer measures approximately 5 minutes. Ideal size to place on a kitchen shelf, cupboard or draw when not in use. Perfect and helpful in many food preparation situations, the sand grains measuring the 5 minutes, once the egg timer has been flipped. Cook the perfect egg, time and time again!

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Wooden Table Spoon

An eco-friendly wooden table spoon by Eco Living. The perfect zero waste kitchen essential that is ideal for eating, measuring or stirring food while cooking! Sustainably and ethically made in Europe using sustainable maple wood. What's great about Eco living wooden table spoon is that it is 100% plastic free.

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Wooden Tea Spoon

A plastic free wooden tea spoon, no eco kitchen is complete without this handy utensil. Also a perfect travel spoon for reducing plastic waste white on the go. Eco Living sustainable wooden tea spoon is great for measuring dry ingredients in the kitchen such as herbs, loose tea, salt, sugar and pepper etc.

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