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Cotton Facial Rounds - Rainbow

Marley's Monsters facial rounds are ideal for keeping in your makeup bag and especially handy when you are travelling or on holiday. Unlike cotton wool pads these don't come wrapped in plastic and are far more sustainable because they are reusable. Cotton facial rounds are a creative way to cut down on unnecessary waste and plastic, they also make lovely gifts for friends and family.

Beauty Kubes Face Mask For Normal Skin

A powerhouse of natural, skin loving ingredient to hydrate the skin leaving it feeling supple and soft. Each Kube provides an intense shot of ingredients all famed for their anti-ageing properties; Phytoglycogen & Hyaluronic acid - proven to improve the skin’s texture and increase hydration levels, Turmeric, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 to brighten a dull complexion, improve the appearance of ageing skin & help boost collagen production.

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Beauty Kubes Cleanser For Normal Skin

Perfect for soothing and nourishing the skin, cleanser kubes are made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients such as oats, white willow bark, apricot kernel oil and a boost of vitamin E & C. Cleanser kubes are also made with moisturising coconut milk which ensures the skin is cleansed gently. Contains upcycled Raspberry seed oil, which is a cold-pressed active oil made from upcycled raspberries; a by-product of the juicing industry. It is a wonderful natural emollient that has been proven to increase skin hydration, resulting in moisturised, silky soft skin.

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Sleigh Soap Bar - 90g

Fragrance free and colourant free, this soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially ideal for sensitive or dry/mature skin. The combination of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter make this a wonderfully gentle and moisturising soap with an unbelievably luxurious creamy lather. Suitable for hands, face and body. Handcrafted by Hatton Handmade Soap in Lincolnshire, UK. This natural solid soap bar is made using the cold process method using vegetarian ingredients and then cut by hand.

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