Loofah Washing Up Pads – 2 Pack


Our 100% natural LoofCo Washing up pads are made from the fast growing loofah plant. Completely plastic free and biodegradable these are a perfect vegan alternative to plastic sponges and dish brushes.

These eco-friendly washing up pads work wonders, they are incredibly durable and will last you ages. Don’t worry these are non scratch and won’t damage any of your pots and pans!

What Makes Them Better:

⦁ Plastic free
⦁ 100% Biodegradable
⦁ Vegan
⦁ Sustainable & eco-friendly
⦁ Hand made in Egypt using ethical, fair trade & eco-friendly business practices

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Please note sizes and colours may vary because these are natural products.

Our washing up pads are made using a vigorous growing plant called a Loofah, these natural pads are non toxic and completely plastic free meaning you can wash your dishes knowing no microplastics are being released down the drain!

These also have a handy string to hang your washing pad to dry which is made from natural Egyptian cotton, also completely biodegradable!

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values their workers rights and supports their skills with fair wages higher than normal rates and medical insurance.

Since switching to natural washing up pads I have stopped using plastic brushes and synthetic sponges in my kitchen, these loofah pads are so effective and great for reducing waste.


How To Use:

When dry, our washing up pads will feel quite course and stiff however once the loofah is soaked in water it will expand and become soft, especially good for non stick pans.

After each use squeeze out any excess water then shake out any food particles and then hang to dry.

You can even wash your loofah in the washing machine occasionally or by hand. Soak in baking soda to freshen up and give a good thorough clean, make sure to rinse well before reusing.



Our natural washing up pads will last you ages but when the time finally comes to replace it you can simply pop it is your compost, they will naturally biodegrade!

The packaging is made from card and can be recycled.

Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 160 × 100 × 70 mm

Natural Loofah

What Is Loofah?

The loofah plant is a fast growing vine native to Egypt, belonging to the cucumber family (not a sea organism what many people think), the loofah fruit is quite similar to a cucumber but much bigger. The inside of this fruit develops strong fibres which great for cleaning, exfoliating and scrubbing with!

LoofCo loofahs are a particular species called Luffa Aegyptiaca which fruit develops fibres that are strong and durable yet soft. These loofahs are carefully harvested, peeled, deseeded then dried. Once fully dried they are then cut and processed by hand, this is a local tradition that has been passed down through generations to create 100% natural cleaning accessories!

Why Choose Natural

Many modern sponges, dish brushes and cloths are made using synthetic and plastic fibres which are so bad for the planet! These same materials release microplastics and chemicals down the drain when being used and when they start to degrade once disposed of. Wherever these microplastics end up can cause serious harm to wildlife and our selves, contaminating water and our food.

You can easily reduce microplastics in your household by choosing natural and biodegradable materials such as cleaning accessories made from plants like loofah and coconut husk! These are so much more sustainable and will not release anything harmful into the environment. Not only are these materials non toxic, they are also effective…loofah and coconut husk has been used for generations as natural sponges and brushes!

Choosing natural can make a whole lot of difference when trying to reduce plastic and chemicals in your life, not only is it eco-friendly it is far healthier for you!

About LoofCo

LoofCo are a unique brand who make a range of natural handmade household and body cleaning accessories. All of their products are certified vegan, biodegradable and plastic free! They use a mixture of natural fibres from loofah plants and coconuts to create their amazing products hence the name.

This company produces their plastic free cleaning accessories in Sri Lanka and Egypt where they ensure ethical and eco-friendly business practices while supporting traditional crops and skills with fair wages. It is top priority for LoofCo that their products and materials are fairly sourced where the farmers and production workers are treated fairly. LoofCo do not use Monkeys to harvest any of their coconuts in Sri Lanka (sadly some coconut farmers do).

Loofah and coconut plants have been used in a such a way for generations, why use plastic when you can have a natural plastic free alternative! LoofCo make long lasting dish brushes, washing up pads, body loofahs and more all of which are non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. A far more sustainable option than the synthetic and plastic sponges and dish brushes, these are ideal for zero waste living.