Sweet and Savoury Christmas Gift Set


Pear & Fig Relish

Rubies In The Rubble Pear & Fig Relish is packed full of slowly cooked pears with a splash of port, warming root ginger and cinnamon. Lovely and sweet, this festive chutney is a winter staple! Made with natural and vegan ingredients that are kind to you and our planet. This relish is packed with surplus pears that would have otherwise gone to waste, simply for being the wrong shape, size or colour.

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Pear Punch Vegan Plant Based Honey Alternative

Northern Pantry proudly presents Pear Punch Vegan Honey Alternative. This is "honey" with a twist, substituting the apple base of their Original flavour for that of pear. Pear Punch has a soft sweet mellow flavour, ideal for adding to sweet recipes or smoothies.

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