Toockie Soap Bag Christmas Gift Set


Lavender & Orange Soap Bar - 112g

Please note colour may vary due to this being a natural handmade product. Handcrafted by Soap Daze in Devon, UK. This natural solid soap bar is hand made using natural, palm oil free ingredients including plant oils, botanicals, herbs, spices and essential oils. All Soap Daze soap bars are cruelty free, free from palm oil, vegan, 100% natural & plastic-free.

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Organic Cotton Toockies Scrubber

The Lavinia Toockies scrubbers are a fantastic plastic-free alternative to the usual plastic sponge or plastic scourer. They are also non abrasive and non scratching. Typically you use them on pots, pans and sinks. However, you can also use them in your bathroom or even to clean your vegetables.

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