About Us

“Our mission is to make plastic-free, eco-friendly living easy & accessible to all”

Our Eco-Friendly Future

Peace With The Wild was created in 2018. Since then we have come a long way! We now work closely with over 100 brands who are focused on creating natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products with our environment in mind.

We have made it our mission to gather the largest range of eco-friendly and plastic free products for all areas of the home, kitchen, beauty department, while out and about.

Browse our store and dive into our massive range of plastic-free goodies.

Independent Brands

The brands we work with share our goal of working towards a greener future, by using only the most natural of ingredients and recyclable/biodegradable packaging.

Over the last year, we have built a large community of eco-enthusiasts who have been loving the products these small independent brands have been producing. We already have a massive inventory of products, but we will continue to search high and low for new and exciting products that solve more environmental issues.