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Coffee is just about what most households need to start a great day. Around 1.6 billion cups of coffee are brewed daily. Consuming coffee daily means ensuring it doesn't harm our health or others. Here, you can find organic, fair-trade coffee. Organic coffee means that it's grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So, there is no chance of you, the consumer, drinking any harmful chemicals that could be potentially used to grow coffee plants. When there's no use for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the soil will remain healthy, and so will the natural microorganisms that live in it. We don't need to destroy the planet to get things we need, and that's what organic farming ensures.

Fair Trade coffee means that the farmers are compensated fairly for their crop rather than buying from the middleman, who often pays the farmer unfairly. More than 125 million farmers worldwide depend on coffee to make a living, yet many of them can't make ends meet. Twenty-five million smallholders are the producers of around 70-80% of the world's coffee, hence why Fair Trade focuses on small producer organizations. Fair Trade ensures that farmers always have stability in their coffee-selling business rather than experience the ups and downs caused by unstable market prices.

Fair Trade Organic Ground Coffee

Browse various coffee brands and flavours that are not only organic but also mind the livelihoods of the producers of coffee around the world. The ground coffee you'll find here is 100% vegan and organic. It will come in compostable packaging and is 100% plastic-free, making it eco-friendly. By purchasing these, you'll consume high-quality coffee and still protect the environment from more pollution.

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Product (1)