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Salt adds a depth of flavour to food that no other ingredient can manage. If you’re looking for the best natural salt, we have sea salt harvested on the Jurrasic Coast and are the only sea salt producer in that area. These crystalline-like sea salt flakes are natural and handmade from mineral-rich seawater. The company aims to produce the freshest, cleanest and purest sea salt in the market. The sea salt is hand-harvested from the Jurrasic Coast, which is mineral rich and pristine.

This natural sea salt comes in various added flavours like garlic, chilli-infused, fennel infused, among others. These varying flavours allow you to discover different ways to use this natural salt to flavour your stews, salads, stir fry, and other dishes. The natural flavour and other added natural flavours give the salt a punchy taste, flavouring your food further. This salt has no added chemicals that could potentially cause you. They are as natural as it gets. The company thrives on keeping its production process blending ancient and modern. Thai twist allows you to have amazing salt without too much refinement. The aromatic blend added to the flavoured salt can give your meals more flavour depths than you knew was possible. Since these are natural salts, you’ll need to cut your use to about 30% as it is packed and rich, meaning you can easily oversalt your food if you’re not careful.

Sustainable natural sea salt

You can get these flavoured natural sea salt by picking your favourite flavour. The salt has no additives or anti-caking agents and is a healthier alternative to table salt, which isn’t quite healthy. Natural sea salt comes in recyclable glass jars. If you love supporting local businesses, you’ll be glad to know that these are made locally in the U.K.

9 products

Products (9)