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The Benefits Of Natural Men's Haircare Products

Natural men's haircare products have many benefits not only for our hair but also the environment. In most traditional, commercial men's hair care products they contain ingredients that can make your hair dry and brittle, as well as drying out your scalp. Ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate, artificial fragrances, parabens- all of these are plentiful in your shampoo and hair gel, but none of them are good for you or the environment.

As well as the chemical ingredients in them that ultimately go down the drain and end up in the rivers and the ocean, you also need to consider what happens to the packaging as well. If you use one tub of gel and one bottle of shampoo per month, that equates to around 1320 empty plastic containers in a lifetime. Once discarded, these break down into microplastics which are incredibly harmful to wildlife, sealife, and humans.

In addition to this, commercial products are usually tested on animals and not all of them can be considered vegan or vegetarian. If animal welfare is a part of your ethos, then this is another reason why you should make the switch.

By using natural men's hair care products that are made ethically and with natural, organic, eco-friendly ingredients, you can actually lessen the amount of time you need to spend on your hair. If you use a good quality solid natural shampoo that is packed full of natural, vegan ingredients that nourish and take care of your hair, and then follow it up with a natural styling product that does the same, you are less likely to suffer with issues such as dry/oily hair, or pesky dandruff. 

Making the change to eco-friendly, natural men's haircare is probably one of the best eco-decisions you can make and it will benefit not just you and your hair, but our planet as well.

In this section we will take you on a tour of some of the finest plastic free, natural men's haircare products including natural hair waxes and natural clays, natural solid shampoos, and vegan beard oils to keep you looking and smelling fresh.

Natural Men's Haircare That Is Kind To Our Planet

Discover our range of natural men's haircare made with vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly ingredients. They are also all supplied in plastic free, zero waste packaging so they don't put extra strain on our planet. Natural haircare is not just for women, you need to take care of your hair just as much and you should really aim to do it in an eco friendly and natural way. It can be tempting just to pick up the nearest bottle of shampoo/shower gel and use it for everything, but not only is this likely to be un-environmentally friendly, it isn’t that great for your hair either.

23 products

Products (23)