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Natural Shampoo Cubes With Vegan Ingredients

Natural shampoo cubes are great and once you start using them and seeing the benefits, they are even better! Commercial shampoo almost always comes in a plastic bottle that cannot be recycled and ends up polluting the environment and damaging our planet. But there is a solution in the form of natural shampoo cubes that are 100% plastic free!

These little beauties are not only a handy travel size, they are also solid meaning them do not fall within liquid restrictions when flying, making them perfect for travelling. They are also full of fabulous vegan, natural ingredients that work wonders for your hair. They are also chemical free and do not contain SLS, sulphates or parabens.

What else makes natural shampoo cubes great is that they are easy to use and you can be precise with how much you use. With commercial hair products there can be a lot of wastage where we squeeze too much out of the bottle and when it comes to the end we struggle to get the last bits out. With natural shampoo cubes you do not have that problem!

To use, simple take one or two natural shampoo cubes, depending on your hair length and then crumble the dry natural shampoo cube in the palm of your hand. Then take some water and mix the natural shampoo cube crumbles with the water to create a paste. Once you've created a paste in your hands, simply massage into your hair with the help of some more water to create a rich lather. When you have worked the vegan, natural shampoo cubes paste through your hair, give your hair a good rinse, and you are done!

At Peace With The Wild, our hand-picked collection of plastic free, vegan, natural shampoo cubes are available in different options that are suitable for all different hair types. We stock Beauty Kubes natural shampoo cubes for normal to dry hair, oily hair, and those who have sensitive hair and scalp. We even stock natural shampoo & body wash cubes that are suitable for normal hair and can be used to wash your hair and body, along with Beauty Kubes natural hair & body wash cubes for men.

Natural Shampoo Cubes That are Plastic Free

Discover our range of natural shampoo cubes that are all made in the UK, with natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free ingredients. They are also supplied in plastic free packaging that is eco-friendly, sustainable and zero waste. Shop plastic free, natural shampoo cubes from eco brand Beauty Kubes. Care for your hair the natural, plastic free way with these vegan, natural shampoo cubes, in various options that are suitable for all hair types.

5 products

Products (5)