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Reusable Bread Bags That Are 100% Cotton

Reusable bread bags are effective at keeping bread fresher for longer. Unlike plastic bags that can turn bread tough, soggy and stale, reusable bread bags let the bread breathe. Because cotton is a breathable material it allows the bread to rest without condensation occurring, therefore the crust stays crisp and crunchy, and inside light and soft.

Eco, reusable bread bags are also great when out and about, especially when shopping. Instead of reaching for a single-use plastic bag choose a reusable bread bag that is made of cotton that is natural or organic, and 100% plastic free. This helps reduce our plastic consumption when we really do not need to use it in the first place, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly, reusable bread bags can be incorporated into your routine easily and with very little effort, all these little changes help to be more sustainable and live an eco friendly, plastic free lifestyle.

Did you know? Storing your bread in a plastic bag is contributing to the forever growing plastic pollution problem. An eco-friendly, sustainable solution would be to buy your fresh bread from a local bakery or the bread counter in your supermarket which comes plastic free. Just pop one in your eco-friendly, reusable bread bag and keep it fresh! Another option would be to try making your own, homemade bread is delicious and is very rewarding.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a wonderful selection of reusable bread bags that are suitable for a variety of different breads including loafs, baguettes and even bagels. It doesn't have to be just bread, reusable bread bags can be used for any baked goods and also produce items such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep bread fresh the eco-friendly, zero waste way with a biodegradable, reusable bread bag!

Reusable Bread Bags To Keep Bread Fresh

Discover our range of reusable bread bags that are made using 100% cotton. Natural, organic and eco-friendly, reusable bread bags keep bread fresher for longer the plastic free way! Supplied in eco friendly packaging that is plastic free and can be recycled or reused. Shop eco-friendly brands Eco Living, The Foragers Cottage and Dans Le Sac. All our eco-friendly, reusable bread bags are biodegradable!

5 products

Products (5)