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Eco Glue Made With Natural & Eco Friendly Ingredients

Eco glue is a sustainable essential to have in your zero waste, eco home. There is always a time where you need some help from a bit of eco glue!

Natural, biodegradable, plastic-free, eco glue is perfect for arts and crafts! Ideal for gluing paper to paper, you can get creative without the need for plastic or any artificial ingredients.

Glue dates back to ancient times, nearly 6000 years ago! Back then it was often made using animal products such as teeth and the collagen from bones. However today, when it comes to commercial and conventional options, they are usually synthetic, made from a combination of polyvinyl acetate, ethanol, acetone and a variety of other harsh substances which aren't great for you or the earth.

The problem with synthetic options is that they can be toxic and therefore harmful to humans and aquatic life. The synthetic ingredients can also be harsh when in contact with the skin, causing skin irritation and even allergic reactions.

However there is an ethical, sustainable solution that is natural and eco-friendly! At Peace With The Wild, we stock plastic-free, eco glue by Coccoina which is made from plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable and far more eco friendly. What's great is that Coccoina eco glue is non-toxic and solvent-free which makes it a much safer option when using for your arts and crafts and if you have little ones around.

Supplied in plastic-free packaging eco glue is much kinder to the environment! Did you know that plastic can take hundreds of years to break down. When it does start to biodegrade it releases microplastics which pollute the surrounding environment, working their way into waterways causing harm along the way. Microplastic can even work their way into our food chain so cutting out plastic when possible and opting for biodegradable, eco friendly, plastic-free alternatives such as eco glue is not only beneficial to our planet's health but also yours too!

Eco Glue That Is Biodegradable

Discover our range of eco glue by Coccoina that is biodegradable and made with eco friendly, natural ingredients and materials. Supplied in plastic-free packaging that is recyclable and reusable; you can say goodbye to single-use plastic. Coccoina eco glue is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic options that are made with harsh, toxic ingredients. Perfect for arts and crafts, Coccoina eco glue is non-toxic and biodegradable; kind to you and our planet!

4 products

Products (4)