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If you're looking for wet bags, then we're extremely happy that you're using cloth diapers which are a much better solution for pollution in the current times when landfills and oceans are filling up with plastic. Diapers are among these kinds of trash. When out and about with your baby, they will soil one or more diapers, and wet bags are the perfect way to ensure you can carry these around until you're back home putting them in the washing machine.

These wet bags are plastic free, and the outer clothing is made of 100% organic cotton, whereas the inner waterproof part of the bag is made using PUL lining. These bags are gorgeous and help contain leaks and smells, and they keep wet or soiled nappies separate from other things you're carrying in your baby bag or handbag. You can even find wet bags with two divided sections, allowing you to store dry nappies on one side and wet ones on the other without the risk of the wet or soiled ones affecting the rest. Wet bags are a creative way to keep your diaper bag clean and dry.

Wet bags can typically hold 3-15 diapers, depending on the size you pick. Since wet bags are moisture proof, you can use them for more than one function. These could be valuable when transporting items you don't want to leak, like wet swimsuits. You can even use them to keep your makeup or skincare in one place without the risk of them pouring all over your other items when in transit. However, a wet bag is a must-have when using cloth diapers because they're necessary if you want to move around, even on walks conveniently. We encourage using a wet bag because if you put your diaper elsewhere, let's say your eco-friendly grocery bag. You may mistake it for something you need to throw away or some goodies to put in your fridge. This could surely shock you when you realise you have a diaper in the fridge or have thrown away your diapers.

These wet bags are reusable, meaning they will serve you for as long as your young one isn't potty trained. Afterwards, you can even hand it down or use it if you have a young one following them. Items that are reusable and this last full help protect the environment by preventing more pollution. These wet bags are plastic-free, so you should be reassured about bringing any plastic to your home that you didnt intend on.

Sustainable and reusable wet bags

Browse adorable wet bags here for your young one. These wet bags are made of 100% cotton, and the waterproof inside is made of PUL lining. It is leakproof, plastic-free, and will serve you very long. These wet bags are also handmade. Taking care of your child in sustainable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free ways helps protect them from chemicals and ensures less environmental pollution. Less pollution means that your child will experience a greener planet when they're all grown, and they will learn to keep it that way.

11 products

Products (11)