Be Kind To Our Planet With Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

Discover our collection of biodegradable cotton swabs made using natural, sustainable bamboo and organic cotton that has been sourced ethically and sustainably. Our biodegradable cotton swabs are all eco, zero waste, compostable, vegan, cruelty free and 100% plastic free! This means there is no waste or negative impact on our planet when we use these soft, wonderful, biodegradable cotton swabs. On the other hand plastic cotton swabs are a different story, as they are bad for us, marine life and the environment. This is why you should ditch them and go for eco, zero waste, biodegradable cotton swabs. It is estimated that in the UK alone, we use over 13.2 billion cotton buds every single year, most of which are not recycled and end up in the rivers, oceans, and lining our beaches.


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Biodegradable Cotton Swabs That Are Zero Waste

Biodegradable cotton swabs that are made with ethically and sustainably soured bamboo and organic cotton are a great eco friendly choice, as they are plastic free, zero waste, vegan friendly and cruelty free!

It is important because so many of these buds end up being flushed down the toilet and making their way into nature. Due to their small size, they easily pass through sewage treatment systems and make their way into the environment. As they are made from plastic, they take potentially hundreds of years to decompose and can break down into harmful microplastics. In other words, these ‘harmless’ little buds are set to pollute the earth for generations to come so going with an eco, zero waste, biodegradable cotton swab alternative is the best for everyone including the earth.

When these buds end up in the ocean, they pose a significant risk to marine life and wildlife as they often mistake them for food. They eat them and fail to digest them, leading to marine life and birds suffering internal injuries, starvation and death. Of course, some of these plastics can also release dangerous toxins to marine life and their environment.

We need to take immediate steps to change the situation and there are alternatives available that do just as good a job, without causing detriment to the world around us. That's why at Peace With The Wild you can discover our handpicked collection of eco, zero waste, biodegradable cotton buds that are kind to our planet! They are even supplied in eco-friendly, plastic free packing so you can have peace of mind that your choice is an eco one!