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Stay Organised With An Eco-Friendly Toiletry Bag

Eco-friendly toiletry bags are an eco essential when it comes to staying organised. Ideal for storing your favourite natural bathroom products and vegan makeup must haves they are easy to carry and can be stored within close reach when travelling.

Eco-friendly toiletry bags are a wonderful sustainable, plastic free alterative to single use carry bags and ones that are made from 100% plastic and un-sustainable materials.

One benefit of using a sustainable, eco-friendly toiletry bag is that is helps reduce plastic consumption and allows you to live a more zero waste lifestyle. Plastic is one of the world’s biggest polluters and takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, when it does it breaks down into microplastic which can pollute the environment around us. Opting for a plastic free, reusable alternative that can be used time and time again means you can reduce unnecessary waste and pollution.

The best thing about eco-friendly toiletry bags is that they are versatile; transforming into an eco makeup bag, natural wash bag, and natural beard kit bag, just to name a few.

At Peace With The Wild, we have a fantastic range of eco-friendly toiletry bags that are ethically and sustainably made with natural cotton. We even stock an eco-friendly toiletry bag made using organic cotton by eco brand Lani. Or if natural cotton is not your thing then you could try the eco-friendly wash bag from Feego with an innovative design made using old cycling inner tubes - upcycling never looked so good! Like all our sustainable, natural products our eco-friendly toiletry bags are supplied in zero waste, plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused.

Eco-Friendly Toiletry Bags That Are Sustainable

Discover our range of eco-friendly toiletry bags that are made with vegan, organic, natural cotton, and sustainable, up-cycled materials. Eco-friendly toiletry bags are ideal for travelling and perfect for keeping all your favourite eco, natural bathroom products organised. Supplied in plastic free, zero waste packaging; eco-friendly toiletry bags are not only sustainable they are an eco friendly essential!

13 products

Products (13)