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Eco Concealers Made With Natural, Organic And Vegan Ingredients

Eco concealer is designed to be used in a concentrated form on particular patches, rather than all over the face. Eco concealers consistency is usually thicker or heavier than natural foundation and eco concealers nearly always comes in a matte finish whereas natural foundation can really vary.

Eco concealer should be heavily pigmented to ensure that it covers the bits you are trying to cover and it comes in various forms including eco concealer cream, eco concealer powder, and eco concealer sticks. You can use it alone, or underneath your natural foundation to enhance the appearance of your skin.

The first ever concealer was launched in 1954 and was called ‘Erace’ by MaxFactor. Of course, women had been painting their skin with all sorts of lotions and potions for centuries but this was the first commercially available one. 

When picking a eco concealer, it is always advisable to go for one shade lighter than your skin in order to better hide blemishes and dark circles. Also, depending on what you are trying to cover up, you might want to choose the tone of your eco concealer accordingly. For example, use a yellow toned eco concealer to hide dark circles, green to counteract red, and purple to brighten sallow complexions.

We believe that using natural, eco concealers made with natural, organic, vegan ingredients is the best option for you and your skin. As you are putting eco concealer onto your face and leaving it there all day (and night) you should choose your eco concealer carefully, ensuring it includes natural, organic and vegan ingredients that are gentle and kind to your skin. Using commercial products full of petroleum by-products, artificial fragrances, and preservatives is not good for you, or the environment, and as always- natural, organic, vegan, eco and sustainable are best.

In addition to this, our range of eco concealers come in eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste packaging made of bamboo, or metal with no excess plastic- some of them are even refillable. That means that the environmental impact of your eco concealer is significantly lessened and you can look and feel good without having to feel guilty.

Eco Concealers That Really Work

Discover our collection of eco concealer made with natural, organic and vegan ingredients. All sustainable, eco-friendly and refillable! Shop Zao refillable eco concealer and Love The Planet refillable mineral eco concealer, both are great vegan, natural alternatives. Eco concealer is a must have in any vegan makeup bag but what is it and how do you use it? Eco concealer, cover up stick, or colour corrector is a type of cosmetic that works by disguising blemishes, spots, dark circles, uneven skin and even large pores. It is sort of similar to natural foundation but it is designed to...

10 products

Products (10)