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Vegan Brow Products That Are Eco-Friendly

An essential tool in our communication and one way that our body protects our eyes, we really need to be kinder to our eyebrows. Thanks to the 90’s when we plucked them to within an inch of their lives, and now when the fashion is to draw them on with a board marker, we have somehow lost sight of what natural, vegan brows are. At Peace With The Wild, we really want to embrace natural, vegan brows in every way and to us that means championing growth and light grooming, as well as using natural, organic and vegan brow products to highlight what we have whilst being sustainable and kind to the environment.

Some people tattoo them on, some use plastic gels and chemical filled powders to define their eyebrows, but we feel that a natural, organic and vegan approach is best. Taking care of you eyebrows and the surrounding skin should be a priority, as should using natural, organic, vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

In this section we will explore naturally beautiful natural, organic, vegan brows and of course, how to incorporate vegan brows into your daily routine. So ditch the pomade, the gel, and the plastic tubes and browse our organic, natural, refillable, sustainable, eco-friendly and of course, highly effective vegan brow care products.

Vegan Brows For A Natural Look

Discover our collection of vegan brow products made with natural, vegan, cruelty free and certified organic ingredients. In a range of natural shades our vegan brow products from Zao are refillable, eco-friendly and sustainable, meaning they are not only kind to the skin but also our planet! Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our faces. How we colour them and style them can completely transform the way we look. We use them to show anger, surprise, confusion, happiness, frustration, cynicism, and sadness, as well as them keeping water, dust, and grime out of our eyes. So why would we not want to have vegan brows that look good and are cared for with natural and organic ingredients...

9 products

Products (9)