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The Benefits Of Natural Dental Care

Natural dental care is great! They are effective at cleaning and protecting your teeth and gums without all the harsh chemicals that can strip enamel, cause sensitivity and be damaging to your overall health!

Did you know most conventional dental products like mouthwash and toothpaste for example include harmful ingredients like titanium dioxide, and SLS that acts as a foaming agent. Studies have found that sodium lauryl sulphate also referred to as SLS can irritate the mouth and cause canker sores. So, if you can make sure you opt for a natural dental care product that is eco and chemical free.

Natural dental care is also more beneficial to our body's as they do not contain any artificial colourants! Did you know for commercial dental care products to get their illuminous blues and purples they use artificial additives and colours. Another chemical that plastic free, eco, natural dental care does not contain is parabens. Parabens are used to extend the shelf life of products, but they can do more harm than good and are known to disrupt hormones.

It is also important what packaging your natural dental care products come in. Commercial dental care products are a big offender of plastic pollution, with plastic toothbrushes being mainly associated with the pollution of our oceans! You also have mouthwash and dental floss that are notorious for their plastic packaging.

However, there is an eco, plastic free solution! At Peace With The Wild, you can browse our hand-picked collection of natural dental care that are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients, and sustainable, plastic free, eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and beechwood. You can also shop eco brands such as Georganics, Bambooth, Truthpaste, Bambaw, Hydrophil and many more!

Natural Dental Care The Eco Way!

Discover our range of natural dental care products that are made with eco, natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients, and sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic free materials. They are also supplied in eco packaging that can either be reused or recycled, to help minimise waste! Care for your teeth and oral hygiene the eco way with our hand-picked collection of natural dental care.

146 products

Products (146)