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Eco-Friendly Pens & Eco Pencils Made Using Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly pens and eco pencils are an essential when it comes to eco stationery! Let's be honest we use them all the time at home, work, at school or even when out and about.

Over the years they have evolved and even date back to the ancient Egyptians who used marsh grass such as bamboo to write with. Then came the quill pens made from bird feathers, then steel point pen, fountain pen, then in 1888 the ballpoint pen. The ball point pen revolutionised the way we write and is still used today.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock eco-friendly pens that are made with wheat grass and recycled BPA free plastic! The ethically and sustainably made using renewable energy and are even refillable so you do not need to discard your pen.

Unlike eco-friendly pens, most conventional options are not refillable and end up being thrown away after they have been used. With not all of them being recycled they end up in landfill, polluting the surrounding environment. Opting for a reusable, refillable, eco-friendly pen is a far more zero waste and environment friendly approach to using eco stationery!

As well as eco-friendly pens, we also stock eco pencils that are made from eco friendly, natural, sustainable materials. Although not huge, conventional wooden pencils still have an impact on trees and deforestation! The whole process of cutting down the trees to the manufacturing of the pencil creates a lot of pollution, increasing carbon dioxide. Opting for more low impact and eco friendly options such as recycled, eco pencils is important when being more sustainable.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock eco pencils that are made from plastic free, recycled newspapers which helps save trees and combat deforestation. We also stock environment friendly brands such as VENT For Change who make their eco pencils from recycled CD cases; upcycling at its finest! All our reusable, zero waste, eco-friendly pens and eco pencils are made with you and our planet in mind and are a sustainable alternative to write and doodle with - help save our trees!

Eco-Friendly Pens & Eco Pencils That Are Kind To Our Planet

Discover our range of eco-friendly pens and eco pencils that are made with natural, eco friendly, recycled materials, all ethically and sustainably sourced. Supplied in eco, plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! Shop reusable, eco-friendly pens and eco pencils in refillable and refill options, a far more eco friendly alternative to disposables. Perfect for writing or drawing the sustainable, eco-friendly way!

16 products

Products (16)