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Eco Hair Ties Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco hair ties do not disappear once we have finished with them. They end up in nature, in rivers, in lakes, in the ocean, in the sand at the beach, and in all of the places that they do not belong. As they are usually made from plastic, rubber and synthetic thread this poses a bit of a problem for the environment and any wild life that is unfortunate enough to stumble across it.

Did you know that there is another eco solution? Thanks to Peace With The Wild, you no longer need to go with plastic as we stock a range of plastic free, biodegradable, organic cotton, eco hair ties that keep your hair up and the environment happy. 

A small, family owned business, the entire company is as eco-friendly as possible. All materials are organic, natural and fair trade, they operate in an ethical way and use solar power for all of their electrical needs. On top of this, products are hand dyed, and they give back to charity. What more could you want?

Shop bands in a range of colours such as blonde, brown/black, multicoloured, and black to suit all hair types and are strong enough for thick hair yet soft enough not to give you a headache. But the best part is, they are 100% biodegradable, plastic free and don’t leave behind a trace.  

Use your eco hair ties with your solid natural shampoo and natural conditioner, your organic, natural hair rinse, and your bamboo hairbrush for a truly eco, natural haircare routine.

Eco Hair Ties That Won't Harm Our Planet

Discover our collection of eco hair ties, made from certified organic cotton and 100% natural rubber. They are all fully biodegradable and supplied in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging. If you are making the transition from non-eco to an eco way of living, we bet that eco hair ties, clips, and elastics were not on your list! If you use hair ties, the chances are you have gone through hundreds, if not more in your life. We buy them, we use them, we lose and discard them, but what happens to them once they are out of our hair and mind?...

21 products

Products (21)