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Natural Turkish Towels That Are Made Ethically & Sustainably

Natural Turkish towels are a sustainable, eco household essential that is perfect for use as a throw, blanket or even a scarf. What's great about natural Turkish towels or sometimes called natural hammam towels is that they can be used for a variety of uses inside the home and outside.

Here are a few amazing uses for your eco-friendly, plastic free, natural Turkish towel or natural hammam towel;

Perfect as a throw, natural Turkish towels are great for adding a touch of colour and style to your room décor. They also act as a stylish protector for your sofas and chairs, they are also great to make your sofa extra cosy!

As well as being perfect for indoor use, natural Turkish Towels are ideal for use as an eco beach towel. What makes them so great for use when on the beach or around a pool is that they are quick drying and super light, making them easy to carry wherever you go.

At Peace With The Wild, we stock a variety of colourful, stylish, natural Turkish towels that can even been used as a natural scarf or hair towel. Dry you hair the eco-friendly way and in style with a stunning natural Turkish towel.

Another wonderful use for your eco friendly, natural Turkish towel is to use it as a plastic free picnic blanket! When the weather is warm and the sun is shinning there is no better time for a picnic. All our natural Turkish towels are light weight, some quick drying and are all washable, so if your eco, natural Turkish towel does get dirty it can be cleaned and be back to looking as good as new.

At Peace With The Wild, all our natural Turkish towels and natural hammam towels are hand-picked for their eco, sustainable, plastic-free credentials. Using only natural materials that are ethical and sustainable, made with you and our planet in mind!

Natural Turkish Towels That Are Plastic Free

Discover our range of natural Turkish towels that are made using high quality natural cotton and recycled wool that is ethically and sustainably sourced. All of our natural Turkish towels are supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused. Shop eco friendly brands such as Ebb Flow Cornwall and Respiin. Natural Turkish towels are versatile and are ideal for use as a plastic free throw, blanket, perfect for picnics and can even be used as a natural towel.

6 products

Products (6)