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The Benefits Of Using A Natural Dry Shampoo

Natural dry shampoo that is plastic free and eco-friendly is a great alternative to those in an aerosol or plastic container, not only because they help reduce waste but have far more beneficial natural ingredients that are kind to our hair. Here are some key eco-friendly benefits of using a natural dry shampoo... 

Saves time

Using natural dry shampoo can buy you an extra day or two when it comes to washing your hair. Want an extra 30 minutes in bed in the morning? No problem. Got somewhere to be and need to spruce your locks? No problem. Natural dry shampoo is great at saving you time.

Reduces damage

Regular washing of the hair can cause damage and strip out lots of the oils that are naturally present and that you hair and scalp needs to be healthy. Using a natural dry shampoo with vegan, organic, ethical ingredients lengthens the time in between washes meaning you don’t have to put your tresses through the routine of washing, drying, and styling quite so often.

Saves the environment 

Washing your hair less means that you use less water and less electricity. It also means less waste down the plug hole so you are actually making a positive contribution to the health of the planet by using an eco-friendly, natural dry shampoo and spacing out your washes.

Regulates oil production

Washing your hair leaves you feeling fresh but it can also increase the amount of oil that is produced. If you reduce the amount of times you wash your hair and use an eco, natural dry shampoo with vegan and organic ingredients instead, you can regulate the amount of oil that your scalp produces.

Adds texture and volume

Natural dry shampoo is great for injecting a bit of texture into limp or slightly greasy hair. The natural powders used in the formulation add weight and volume which is great for those with thin, fine, oily hair.

Makes your hair healthier

If you are using a natural dry shampoo then you can be sure that the gorgeous organic, vegan, ethical ingredients inside are doing a world of good for your hair. By using products packed full of natural ingredients that are actually good for you, your hair will get healthier and stronger from the inside, rather than just appearing so from the outside.

Refresh Your Hair the Eco-Friendly Way, With A Natural Dry Shampoo

Discover our range of natural dry shampoo, made with 100% natural, organic, ethical and vegan ingredients. They are also supplied in plastic-free, zero waste, eco paper packaging and recyclable aluminium so they are kind to our environment. Natural dry shampoo is a great invention. Whether you are going to a festival and want to keep your hair looking and smelling great, or you just want a product to keep it looking its best in between washes, then a natural dry shampoo is the perfect solution. Instead of...

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Products (2)