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Gluten Free Pasta Made With Organic Ingredients

Gluten free pasta is free from wheat, barley and rye! Instead gluten free pasta is made with organic rice flour and organic corn flour making them completely gluten-free and suitable for a variety of diets and intolerances.

Unlike commercial options all our gluten free pasta is supplied in recyclable paper bags which are biodegradable and compostable. The perfect plastic free alternative to disposable and single-use plastic packaging!

Gluten free pasta is also great for muscle, skin and bone health. Easy to cook with, gluten free pasta can be used for your favourite Italian inspired pasta dishes and variety of other recipes such as pasta salads, veggie lasagne, tomato pasta bake with avocado salsa, and even the classic vegan mac 'n' cheese.

At Peace With The Wild we stock gluten free pasta such as organic corn & rice conchiglie gluten free pasta, organic corn & rice penne gluten free pasta, and organic lasagne sheets which are also gluten-free. Also all our natural, vegan, organic and gluten free pasta is stored in air-tight containers before delivery, so once at home make sure you store your ingredients in a container that will keep them fresh.

Transform the way you refill your zero waste pantry and say goodbye to unnecessary kitchen waste! Sustainable living has never been so easy.

Gluten Free Pasta That Is Made Without Wheat

Discover our range of gluten free pasta that is made without wheat, using only natural, vegan and organic ingredients. Instead of wheat, all our gluten free pasta is made with organic corn flour and organic rice flour which is perfect if you have a gluten intolerance and ideal for a vegan and vegetarian diet. Cook up your favourite gluten free pasta dishes the zero waste and plastic free way!

2 products

Products (2)