Care For Your Nails the Eco Way

Take a look at your hands- do you see soft, supple, moisturised skin with long, strong, and healthy nails? If so, congratulations, keep it up, but if not, you need to consider giving them a little bit more love. Dry skin, peeling cuticles, ridges, and splitting nails are just some of the results of...


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Take Care of Your Skin With Natural Balms

Skin needs a lot of TLC and more often than not, we are guilty of giving it not quite as much as it needs. But don’t worry, there is a solution. At Peace With The Wild we stock a great range of natural balms that have been handpicked by us for their natural, ethical and sustainable properties, as well as their ability to sooth and mend a variety of skin ailments.

These products can be used as salves, lip balms, moisturisers, remedies, fixes, and even with some of them, as cleansers and makeup removers if you find yourself stuck without.

We have ensured that all of them meet our strict requirements in terms of being packed full of organic, natural ingredients and being completely plastic free both inside and out. They don’t contain any toxic ingredients and come in super eco-friendly glass packaging. Furthermore, like all of our products they are 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals, as well as being vegetarian, and free of synthetic ingredients like parabens and artificial fragrances.

Designed to soothe and love on your skin, we have made sure ingredients are there purely because of the benefits they have, and we are confident that they will help you take better care of your skin.

Our range includes a number of balms for different conditions and ailments. From stretch marks caused by pregnancy to vapour balms to clear blocked noses, muscle balms, nipple creams, baby balms, and all purpose wonders- we have got you covered.

Shop the range and browse our blog section to find out about all the wonderful benefits you can enjoy by smothering yourself in one of our delicious, all-natural balms.