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Why Look After Our Nails With Natural Nail Care Products

It is important to look after our nails and if we do that with a natural nail care routine its even better. Dry skin, peeling cuticles, ridges, and splitting nails are just some of the results of not paying attention to the skin on our extremities. Of course, problems with our hands and nails can also point to underlying health conditions so if you are doing all you can to take care of them, yet are still having issues, it could be time to investigate further.

Our fingernails are composed of layers of a type of protein called keratin. This grows out from the base of the nail, under the cuticle. Healthy nails are smooth and ridge-free, uniform in colour, and free of any patches of discolouration or spots. In terms of the skin on our hands, peeling cuticles and skin around the nail can be indicative of a lack of vitamin B3 (niacin) or too much vitamin A. It can also be a result of a lack of moisture in the air, particularly when it is cold.

Failing to take care of hands and nails can result in irritations and infections, fungal issues, and of course, painful and unsightly redness. By looking after this part of our body, we can be healthier both inside and outside.

At Peace With The Wild, we believe that hand and nail care should not come at the expense of the environment so we have come up with a number of ways you can take care of them whilst not adding to landfill or using unnecessary plastics. Traditional nail polish, creams and lotions, and files can all be replaced with eco-alternatives that are natural, organic, vegan, plastic free, and made using sustainable products. This means you can pamper yourself without feeling guilty about your contribution to waste, landfill, or the plastic problem.

Natural Nail Care The Eco Way

Discover our range of natural nail care products that are handmade, eco-friendly, vegan and made from natural materials. Take a look at your hands - do you see soft, supple, moisturised skin with long, strong, and healthy nails? If so, congratulations, keep it up, but if not, you need to consider giving them a little bit more love with our natural nail care products. Shop natural glass nail files and natural sandstone nail and foot files, our natural nail care collection is kind to you but also our planet as they are all supplied in 100% plastic free packaging...

4 products

Products (4)