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Babies require skin-friendly and gentle items because their skin is fragile and very sensitive. Finding items for mama and baby that are friendly and gentle can be very hard. At Peace With The Wild, you can easily access vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, plastic-free, and toxin-free items for the mother and her baby. Baby bottles, skincare pacifiers, clothes wipes, bowls, utensils, toys, and books for mama and baby need to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and made of material that doesn't seep toxins into the mother's or baby's skin.

When looking forward to a newborn or if they're already here, it is common for the parent to be worried about what they will wear, use, and eat that will promote their health and well-being. These items shouldn't bring about worry since the arrival of a new baby should come with joy as they're supposed to be a bundle of joy rather than worry. When picking items for your baby, you should concentrate on something other than the brand. What you should do is focus on sustainability, durability, and safety. When choosing whichever items you need for your baby, it is essential to keep the needs of your baby and that of the environment at the forefront. Here, we have sustainable baby products that protect the health of your baby while still ensuring that the creative process doesn't contribute to the destruction of the environment.

These sustainable and eco-friendly products use safe and durable materials that are often recycled, don't contain toxins such as parabens or BPA, and are created using natural organic ingredients. The items are manufactured in ways that reduce carbon footprint. Sustainable products for your baby range from diapering, feeding, clothing, nursery, bathing, and play. There are lots of upcoming organic-friendly companies, so there is no shortage of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free options in the market. When caring for your young one, you have nothing to lose by keeping the planet in mind and putting forward your baby's health. These eco-friendly items are created ethically and contain no harmful chemicals that could hurt your baby. Hence a better option than items containing natural dyes, parabens, BPA, harsh non-organic materials, and added colours. You'll have everything created in the most sustainable manner with all-natural ingredients.

Cruelty-free and organic items for mama and baby

Choose from many options the best items to feed, care for, and use to play with your baby. At Peace With The Wild, you'll find all-natural, organic, cruelty-free, and nontoxic items and clothing for your child. Babies often react to fabrics, foods, and play items when they're young because their skin is fragile, and they easily get agitated by items containing chemicals and toxins. You don't have to go through this with your newborn. Browse various items curated to be child-friendly, gentle, and free of toxins. Not only are these items suitable for your baby, but they're also great for the environment because they are either recycled or created in ways that don't cause more harm to other living creatures. It is our duty to reduce our carbon footprints in all ways possible, and this could be your first step towards achieving that with your baby.

204 products

Products (204)