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Vegan Eyeshadow That Is Made With Natural Ingredients

Vegan eyeshadow that is made with eco, natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients is not only kind to our eyes and skin, they are also kinder to our planet! Back many years ago, beauty connoisseurs mixed up lead, crushed almonds, antimony, oxidized copper, ochre, malachite, and chrysocolla and applied it thickly to the lids and was equally popular with men and women.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the use of eyeshadow was popular to keep away the evil eye, as well as to look fashionable and attractive. Since then, vegan eyeshadow has been used by men and women in countless cultures and over many different centuries for a variety of reasons. Ceremonial, for stage, for fashion, or just to accentuate the features, vegan eyeshadow has cemented its place as an essential vegan makeup item. 

As the use of vegan eyeshadow was commercialised, ingredients were changed and somewhat standardised. Most commercial products contain talc which makes up the bulk of the product, as well absorbing moisture and making the colour appear opaque. Zinc stearate is also used to increase thickness and add colour and mica is used to give shine and lustre. Other common ingredients include preservatives, colourants, magnesium stearate, and sericite with silicones added in the case of liquid eyeshadows. Many of these ingredients are not ideal and some, such as preservatives and talc, can even be harmful and cause irritation.

At Peace With The Wild, you know we are all about eco, natural, gentle, kind, and organic products and that we try to switch out chemical nasties where possible. Our range of vegan eyeshadow is no exception.

We have opted to stock a full range of different vegan eyeshadows in various different formats that are free from talc and preservatives and come in eco friendly, plastic-free packaging. We also sell refillable and reusable vegan eyeshadows to help cut down on waste! Plus they are all 100% natural, something that very few of the commercial brands can promise.

Create A Beautiful Eye With A Vegan Eyeshadow

Discover our beautiful collection of vegan eyeshadow made with the finest 100% natural, certified organic, vegan ingredients that are cruelty free and palm oil free! Our vegan eyeshadows are all eco and sustainable, available in reusable and refillable options. Vegan eyeshadow makes you look great, feel great, and you can relax knowing you are taking care of the environment as well. Like many other kinds of makeup, the origins of vegan eyeshadow can be found in Ancient Egypt as far back as 10,000 BC. It was also mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel- a part of the Old Testament that is believed to have been written around 593 BC- or in other words, a very long time ago! Back in those times, beauty...

10 products

Products (10)