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Refill Vegan Peas In Zero Waste Packaging

Vegan peas are a zero waste pantry essential, easy to cook with and can be used for a variety of tasty recipes!

Natural, organic and vegan peas are also a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals that are important for human health.

Some key nutrients that vegan peas contain are vitamins A, C, B and E and minerals such as zinc. These antioxidants and nutrients help strengthen your immune system and can help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of other health conditions.

Not only are organic and vegan peas super nutritious they also taste great too!

At Peace With The Wild you can shop natural, organic and vegan peas that can be used to make vegan recipes such as baked pea fritters, green pea soup, lemon and garlic chickpea hummus, vegan mixed pea salad, vegetable stews and authentic Italian pasta dishes.

Before being delivered all our natural, gluten free and vegan peas are stored in air-tight containers so once at home do make sure you store your ingredients in a container that will keep them fresh. All our natural, organic and vegan peas are supplied in plastic-free paper bags which are recyclable and fully compostable.

Vegan Peas That Are Natural & Organic

Discover our range of vegan peas that are vegan, organic and 100% natural! Ethically and sustainably grown and sourced all our vegan peas are nutritious and delicious. Great as part of a healthy and balanced diet, organic and vegan peas are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Shop chickpeas, green split peas and organic marrowfat peas!

10 products

Products (10)