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Vegan Makeup Brushes That Are Eco

When it comes to applying your vegan makeup, a vegan, eco makeup brush is essential. Great for creating smooth, striking, and professional looks, vegan makeup brushes do not disappoint. What is even better is that unlike traditional, commercial makeup brushes that use animal hair, our eco, vegan makeup brushes are made using 100% vegan, cruelty free bristles.

Vegan makeup brushes come in variety of shapes and sizes, all designed for a specific purpose. Therefore, it is important when applying your natural, eco-friendly, zero waste, vegan makeup you are using the correct tool to do so.
Vegan powder brushes are used for applying natural finishing powders, organic blush and organic bronzer. Its thick, full brush allows it to perform a variety of natural beauty and vegan makeup tasks, while providing an even, smooth coverage, for a gorgeous complexion.

Vegan foundation brushes are flatter in comparison to vegan powder brushes. This allows for more precision when applying either liquid or powder foundation. Eco, vegan foundation brushes can also come in handy when applying a natural highlighter!

Vegan blending brushes are another vegan, eco makeup brush essential. Designed for applying eco concealer and vegan eyeshadows. They are a smaller brush, that is long and densely packed, designed to diffuse powder, cream, gels, and liquids for a professional, airbrushed finish.

Another eco, vegan makeup brush that is used is a bamboo, vegan buffing makeup brush. This vegan, eco makeup brush is super soft and light when in contact with the skin, making it perfect for buffing foundation onto the skin or gradually building up coverage for a more subtle look and smooth complexion.

At Peace With The Wild, we also stock a vegan kabuki makeup brush. This vegan, eco makeup brush is great, mainly used in the initial stages of your beautifying process to apply a base but can also be used to smooth your natural foundation and apply a colourful, warm powder or organic blush.

So, what are you waiting for browse our stunning, hand-picked, sustainable, eco friendly collection of vegan makeup brushes and find the perfect one for all your vegan makeup and natural beauty needs. Vegan makeup brushes that are kind to your skin and our planet.

Vegan Makeup Brushes For A Smooth & Perfected Finish

Discover our wonderful collection of eco, vegan makeup brushes that are made from vegan, cruelty free materials and sustainable bamboo. What's great about our vegan makeup brushes is that they are ethical and their vegan bristles are super soft for a smooth and professional finish! Shop eco brand Flawless and their variety of vegan makeup brushes so you can perfect any look. They are also supplied in eco-friendly, zero waste and plastic free packaging.

21 products

Products (21)