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Zero Waste Shaving With A Vegan Shaving Brush

Although using a vegan shaving brush may be seen as an optional extra when it comes to zero waste shaving, it is in fact a handy, useful and easy shaving tool to use that is eco friendly and sustainable!

There are many benefits of using a vegan shaving brush as part of your zero waste shaving regime. One main benefit and primary use of a vegan shaving brush is that it generates a rich and warm lather by whipping air into your vegan shaving soap or natural shaving cream when you apply it. This results in a nice easy shave and prevents the reusable safety razor from dragging on the skin, which can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Another great trick that your vegan shaving brush is good for is that it softens and lifts the facial hair off the face. This helps the shaving process and allows for a cleaner shave.

When your vegan shaving brush is used in direct contact with the skin the vegan bristles create warmth and heat to the skin which helps open pores and lubricate the skin. This reduces irritation and the risk of developing a shaving rash.

What is also great about using a vegan shaving brush in your zero waste shaving regime is that the circular brushing motion of the vegan bristles on the skin acts as a gentle exfoliator and removes dead skin. This helps get a close shave and prevents build up on your reusable safety razor blade.

At Peace With The Wild, our collection of vegan shaving brushes are hand-picked because of their eco and vegan credentials. Discover vegan shaving brushes that are vegan, eco friendly and sustainably made! Supplied in 100% plastic free and eco packaging our vegan shaving brushes are also kinder to our planet.

Vegan Shaving Brushes That Are Eco

Discover our range of vegan shaving brushes that are made with sustainable, natural wooden handles and vegan bristles. Every vegan shaving brush we stock is 100% vegan, sustainable and supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled. Shop eco, zero waste shaving brands such as Wild Sage & Co. and Mutiny. Vegan shaving brushes are an essential when it comes a zero waste shaving regime, used to help create a rich and warm lather by whipping air into the vegan shaving soap as you apply it. Once you have used a vegan shaving brush you will wonder why you haven't used one before.

6 products

Products (6)