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Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic Essential Oils That Smell Divine

Organic essentials oils have been used for thousands of years! Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, when they used to cultivate plants for their oils. They would use the natural, organic essential oils in their religion, in their cosmetics and even medicines.

Today you can find a variety of different organic essential oils that are used for many different purposes! One main benefit of using vegan, natural, organic essential oils is that they are great for your health. The power of aromatherapy and organic essential oils has been growing and proven to support relaxation, helping to relieve stress, boost mood, improve wellbeing and even support the immune system and circulatory health.

As well as improving our health, vegan, natural, organic essential oils are great for making your eco home smell divine! Place a few drops of your favourite natural, organic essential oil in water and use an oil burner to allow the organic essential oils to diffuse through your home, transforming it into a tranquil and peaceful oasis.

Organic essential oils can also be used for homemade natural skincare products, treating colds, ailments and even aid sleep. Our top tip is to place a few drops of natural, vegan, organic lavender essential oil on your pillow or between the sheets so you can experience the relaxing aromatherapy benefits through the night and get a perfect night's sleep.

Vegan, natural, organic essential oils can also make great natural cleaning solutions! Making your own natural cleaning products at home, saves you money and helps reduce waste and live more plastic free. A super eco, natural cleaning tip is to use sweet orange organic essential oil, it is antibacterial and is a powerful grease cutter and natural cleaning agent! What's not to love - natural cleaning the chemical free way.

At Peace With The Wild, all our natural, organic essential oils have been hand-picked and carefully selected for their vegan, cruelty free and eco credentials. All ethically and sustainably sourced, our organic essential oils are not just great for your health they are also kind to our planet. You will wonder why you've never used natural and organic essentials oils sooner!

Organic Essential Oils That Are Eco & Natural

Discover our huge range organic essential oils that are 100% pure, natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Organic essential oils are great for a variety of purposes including natural aromatherapy, homemade natural skincare products and DIY natural cleaning solutions. Make your eco home smell delightful with our range of vegan, natural, organic essentials oils by eco brands such as Bioscents and The Nature Of Things.

43 products

Products (43)