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Natural Lip Balms That Protect Your Lips The Eco Way

Natural lip balms are amazing at protecting our lips and keeping them nourished, but do we do enough to protect them? The answer is, probably not enough.

Despite being in the middle of our faces and what we use to eat, talk, and express emotion with, many of us are guilty of neglecting our pouts. Instead of lavishing them with TLC we chew on them, put chemicals on them, and generally consider them last even when we go to great lengths to take care of the rest of our skin. It is high time we gave our lovely lips the attention they deserve and that means using natural lip balms that contain only the finest natural, vegan, ethical and organic ingredients.

At Peace With the Wild, we have worked hard to curate a collection of what we consider are some of the finest eco, organic, ethical, natural lip balms on the market. We have sourced them from reputable small businesses where we are confident in their product and can be sure that they do exactly what they say on the tin (or tube). We scour every ingredient list, making sure they contain natural goodies like organic coconut oil, natural beeswax, organic shea butter, Vitamin E, and natural essential oils and we check that the packaging conforms with our eco stance on plastics and recyclables. 

The result of this is a great sustainable selection of ethical and holistic natural lip balms that will provide you with the most moisturised natural lips around. In addition to this you can be sure that your pursuit of soft natural lips does not come at the expense of the environment and that you are doing your bit towards promoting sustainability and zero-plastic. This combined with some of the tips we have for you in our mini-blogs mean that not only will you be an expert on natural lip care, but that your pout will be the envy of everyone you encounter. Just don’t forget to tell them where you heard it!

Natural Lip Balms To Nourish And Moisturise

Discover our range of natural lip balms made with organic, vegan and ethical ingredients. We have a collection of vegan lip balm sticks, natural lip care oil, natural flavoured lip balms and eco refillable lip balms. We even have vegan friendly, natural lip balm and liquid refills. Taking care of our lips is essential when it comes to a healthy natural skincare routine because no matter where we go, what we do, and what we wear, our lips are always on display. Exposed to the elements come rain or shine, constantly at the mercy of pollution and harsh weather conditions, our lips take quite a battering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But what...

50 products

Products (50)