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The Benefits Of Using A Natural Facial Toner

A natural facial toner is a must have when it comes to a complete natural skincare routine! Toning the skin has a number of benefits and helps maintain healthy skin. In comparison to commercial toners, natural facial toners are much more gentle and kind to the skin and planet.

When selecting a natural facial toner look for one that is made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. This will help reduce your carbon footprint and ensure your skin is getting the ultimate nourishment.

Here are some wonderful benefits of using a natural facial toners;

Reduces the appearance of pores - Natural facial toner helps to reduce the size of pores this gives the appearance of smoother, tighter skin, it also helps give the skin a glowing complexion.

Helps protect the skin from dirt and the elements - Using a natural facial toner helps reduce pores this helps prevent the skin from collecting dirt and build up. A natural facial toner also helps protect the skin by boosting its moisture levels which helps when your face is exposed to the elements.

Refreshes and soothes the skin - Natural facial toners help reduce redness and help cool the skin. At Peace With The Wild we stock facial toners that are scented with rose, lavender, chamomile and mandarin that will leave the skin smelling and feeling amazing.

Remove oil and makeup - Great for removing makeup, natural facial toners are also effective at removing and reducing excess oil that is on the skin. This helps prevent spots and blocked pores!

Helps the skin retain moisture - Perfect for use before you apply your favourite moisturiser! Natural facial toners help prepare the skin and are naturally hydrating. They also help to increase absorption and the skin's ability to soak up your natural face cream or natural moisturiser.

At Peace With The Wild we have an eco-friendly selection of natural facial toners that have all been hand-picked for their natural, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable credentials! Shop eco, zero waste and natural brands such as UpCircle, Flawless and Valley Mist. All suitable for a variety of skin types such as oily, normal, dry or combination skin.

Tighten Pores & Hydrate Your Skin With A Natural Facial Toner

Discover our range of natural facial toners that are made with natural, vegan, organic and cruelty free ingredients! Perfect for tightening pores, hydrating and improving skin complexion. Our natural facial toners are a natural skincare essential that can be used after cleansing and helps to remove makeup, leaving the skin glowing! Supplied in eco-friendly packaging that is kind to our planet.

9 products

Products (9)