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Natural Cleaning Brushes That Are Plastic Free

Natural cleaning brushes are an eco kitchen must have! Designed to clean a variety of dishes, pots, pans, trays, plates, bowls and even bottles they are an effective way of cleaning even the dirtiest of kitchen items.

Many commercial and conventional brushes are made using plastic and materials that are not sustainable. They are also mass produced using unethical and unsustainable manufacturing methods. Plastic brushes are disposed of after use and can not always been recycled. They then take hundreds of years to break down and while that is happening they release microplastic which can pollute the environment around us. Opting for eco, natural, plastic free alternatives wherever possible is key in order to reduce the problem.

At Peace With The Wild, we have an eco, natural solution! Opting for natural cleaning brushes that are made using vegan and sustainable materials such as bamboo, beech wood, coconut, sisal and recyclable metal. No only will natural cleaning brushes help reduce your carbon footprint and plastic usage, the planet will also thank you for it.

Just because something is natural and eco-friendly it doesn't mean that it isn't effective. We stock natural cleaning brushes that can be used for a variety of different uses that are not just restricted to use in your eco kitchen! Our coconut scourers and natural, eco dish brushes can be used for the bathroom and even cleaning your fresh vegetables like potatoes!

What is also great about natural cleaning brushes is that even the bristles are eco! We have a wonderful eco friendly selection with some natural cleaning brushes being made using sisal and tampico bristles. Did you know? sisal and tampico are 100% plant-based and vegan! Sisal and tampico fibre is made from leaves of succulent plants such as a cactus that is pesticide free and non-toxic. They are durable and strong, meaning your eco-friendly, natural cleaning brushes will be long lasting and totally plastic free. Transform the way you clean with natural cleaning brushes from our best-selling, eco brands, all supplied in 100% eco-friendly, plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! What's not to love?

Natural Cleaning Brushes, Clean The Eco Way

Discover our range of natural cleaning brushes that are made using eco-friendly, plastic free materials that are natural and sustainable. Natural cleaning brushes are an essential when it comes to natural kitchen cleaning and keeping your dishes sparkling! Shop eco brands such as Eco Living, Loofco, Ecococout, Zero Waste Club and many more. Clean your pots, pans, and dishes the eco-friendly, zero waste way with a natural, eco cleaning brush.

47 products

Products (47)