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Tea is a popular drink. It doesn't matter whether it's black tea, chamomile, hibiscus, or other natural teas. Most households consume tea every single day. Tea contains amino acids which end up relaxing you and putting you in a calming mood. Theanine is also found in tea, which increases inhibitory neurotransmitters and calms your anxiety. You'll always notice how your body relaxes when you sit down to have a cup of tea at the end or beginning of the day. Most people have made tea-making a ritual and hence increasing its calming effects. Different types of teas also have added benefits to the body. For example, if it's late at night and you can sleep, indulging in a warm cup of chamomile tea will surely put your body in a drowsy state bringing about sleep.

While some people love cold-brew tea, others prefer piping hot tea. While some love tea with lots of sugar, others only drink it sugar-free. Tea brings out someone's personality. If you love your teas, then consider how eco-friendly they are. For example, if you have five tea bags every day, you need to consider whether these bags are organic, if they decompose, or even how long they'll take to do that. Living sustainably helps the planet thrive without increasing pollution. At Peace With The Wild, we support tea drinkers and sustainability. We have all kinds of teas you would love and accessories to use in your tea-making ritual.

Sustainable plastic-free tea

All these teas and tea accessories are eco-friendly, plastic free and recyclable. You can now enjoy your tea without causing harm to the planet. Select your favourite types of tea in a guilt-free manner because these items and teas won't harm the environment.

55 products

Products (55)