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Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products That Are Kind To Our Planet

Natural kitchen cleaning products are an essential when it comes to cleaning your kitchen the eco friendly and natural way! When you start out on your eco, natural cleaning mission it is important that you opt for high quality, vegan, organic, plastic free, eco, natural kitchen cleaning products. That way you can be sure that what you see is what you get and there will be no hidden nasty chemicals or any other un-natural surprises you usually find in commercial products.

At Peace With The Wild we understand the importance of all things eco, natural, organic and plastic free! As we know natural kitchen cleaning products are far better for the environment in the short and long term. So here is why you should make the switch to natural kitchen cleaning products.

There are many reasons why you should make the switch to eco, plastic free, vegan and natural kitchen cleaning products and these are just a couple of them.

Many of us don’t think twice before getting out the bleach and giving the kitchen a good going over, but in reality, many of the cleaning products we use can be harmful to us and our pets. Packed full of unpronounceable chemicals, these products can cause a wide range of issues. Here are some reasons why you should consider making the switch to safe, non-toxic, organic, natural kitchen cleaning products.

  1. Using eco friendly, natural kitchen cleaning products will make your house safer as you are eliminating the presence of flammable and toxic ingredients. Some ingredients can be disastrous when mixed and this can be easy to do by accident as we do our spring cleaning. Minimise your risk and stick to organic, natural, vegan, chemical free, pet and human friendly alternatives.
  2. When you choose to use natural kitchen cleaning products, you are making the choice to protect the environment. Most eco, natural kitchen cleaning products are made using sustainable production methods and natural ingredients so their creation doesn’t damage the environment or any of the creatures that live in it.
  3. Using chemical based ingredients can increase the level of pollution inside your home, in some cases making it worse than outside. Volatile organic compounds can be released into the air when you use and store chemical products, causing a host of health issues. Go chemical free and eliminate the issue!
  4. Many of the natural, plastic free, eco cleaning products we stock are multipurpose which means you don’t need to get a different product for each task you have to do, therefore saving you money!
  5. Having less products, and having better quality, safer, natural kitchen cleaning products ultimately makes your job easier. You can tackle multiple cleaning jobs without having to switch products and you don’t need to worry about breathing in/touching/or inhaling natural products.
  6. Do you know what is in your toilet cleaner? Or dish soap? No us neither, and good luck deciphering the ingredients label. With eco friendly, organic, natural kitchen cleaning products, eco-friendly manufacturers are proud to share what they put inside and you can clearly see what you are using, with no nasty surprises.

At Peace With The Wild you can shop an all eco-friendly selection of natural kitchen cleaning products that are made with you and our planet in mind! They are also all supplied in plastic free packaging!

Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products, Clean Your Kitchen The Eco-Friendly Way

Discover our huge range of natural kitchen cleaning products that are made with eco-friendly, natural, organic, vegan and plastic free ingredients and materials. Our natural kitchen cleaning products are also supplied in plastic free, zero waste packaging which is far better for the environment and helps reduce plastic pollution. We have a fantastic eco selection of natural kitchen cleaning products such as natural dish soap, zero waste unpaper towels, natural beech wood vegetable brushes, organic bamboo pot & pan scraper, as well as a great selection of plastic free, natural dish brushes from Eco Living. You can also shop our other natural kitchen cleaning brands such as Marley's Monsters, Ocean Saver, DriPak and many more... Here is why you should make the switch to eco friendly, plastic-free, natural kitchen cleaning...

179 products

Products (179)