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Tumble drying your clothes at home is the biggest energy consumer after your fridge. So, if you're looking for a more efficient way to dry your clothes sustainably, then eco-friendly laundry and dryer eggs are your best bet. These eggs will reduce your energy consumption, which is good for your pockets and mother earth. These eggs work by separating clothes in the drum, creating more air circulation and allowing clothes to dry faster. Separating clothes in such a manner maximises space in your dryer.

Traditional laundry detergents always contain harsh chemicals for your fabrics and even skin and come in one-time-use plastic bottles or paper. However, eco-friendly laundry and dryer eggs are greener alternatives for your laundry needs. The dryer eggs are made using eco-friendly and fully recyclable plastic (polypropylene). Due to this material, the eggs can radiate heat from the dryer itself and from being tumbled around in the drum. You can recycle these eggs after ten years of guaranteed use which helps save the environment compared to one-time-use plastic used to store fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and washing powder. If you have sensitive skin, you can always pick fragrance-free eggs.

The ingredients in eco-friendly laundry and dryer eggs are vegan and hypoallergenic. This means that all the ingredients are sourced from natural plant materials and don't contain harsh chemicals that can result in allergic reactions. It is also BPA-free, so you shouldn't be worried about the presence of any toxins in it. The eggs ensure your laundry gets clean and softens the fabric. If you're on the path of consuming more consciously and saving the planet, then these eco-friendly laundry and dryer eggs are your best option. You'll save your home from using upto forty bottles of detergent and fabric softener every year. Using options like the eco egg helps reduce plastic waste in your home while still using an option that doesn't cause any allergic reaction and is sourced without adding any chemicals. It is the best option for the environment and your skin.

When using traditional detergents and fabric softeners, you'll realise they contain many chemicals and toxins. Although this cleans your clothes, you might get an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin. Also, you'll find that these chemicals that go down the drain are in natural water resources, and most contain microplastic. Microplastic is often found in most detergents and fabric softeners. If these end up in natural water resources, they can cause harm to the animals and plants living in the water. The best way to prevent yourself from harming the planet in any way is by using eco-friendly items. Here at Peace With The Wild, we offer you common home items that are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and only contain cruelty-free ingredients. Such items are good for the environment and you since they're chemical and toxin-free.

Eco-friendly and vegan laundry and dryer eggs

Here, you can browse a wide range of eco-friendly laundry options for your home. These items are made using plant-based derivatives and are chemical-free, making them good for your skin and the environment. You'll enjoy using each one of them because of their functionality and how much they reduce plastic use. These eggs only need you to refill the pellets, and they'll last you upto ten years before you need to recycle them and get a new egg. Suppose you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any chemicals used in laundry agents and fabric softeners. In that case, these laundry and dryer eggs are your best option because they aren't loaded with any harmful chemicals that could cause you mayhem. Choose the environment's and your own well-being using these eco-friendly laundry and dryer eggs.

28 products

Products (28)