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When we're out and about, we need utensils so we can eat comfortably. Especially if you don't have enough water to clean your hands and use them or if you're uncomfortable eating with your bare hands. In mediaeval Europe, everyone was expected to carry a sharp knife to even occasions, and the only cutlery the host would offer was a spoon. After the meal was over, everyone would wipe their blades with a napkin and carry them back home. Because of how often everyone carried a knife, it was worn like a watch and became part of oneself. In the past, there was even a text reminding monks to remove knives from their belts before bed so they could prevent cutting themselves. Even though knife carrying seems like a weird mediaeval practice, is portable cutlery such a bad idea? These days attending a function means using plastic one-time using disposable utensils, which is terrible for the environment as these items end up in landfills and the oceans. Currently, in China and Japan, there is a movement where people are required to carry their own chopsticks to prevent an ecological disaster, as they throw away around 80 billion pairs of chopsticks every year.

Even though we're still at a point where people are encouraging the use of your personal utensils rather than plastic, disposable ones, when you're going on a hike or packing your child or yourself lunch, you could introduce these travel utensils. They are reusable and eco-friendly. It brings out a better way to have utensils with you at all times without feeling like it's cumbersome. These travel utensils are packaged in a cotton pouch that folds up and allows you to store them easily in your pouch or purse. The utensils are also made of biodegradable material or stainless steel, which is recyclable. If you have a smaller space for cutlery and don't need a knife, you can pick a stainless steel spork (spoon/fork) that you can carry daily to work.

These travel utensils are plastic-free, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. They cut out the need to use plastic utensils at lunch at work or pack food for your kids with plastic. Since you'll either be using wooden cutlery or stainless steel, you won't have to worry about consuming toxins in your food. These materials don't contain harmful toxins such as BPA and phthalates. You will only consume your delicious food without worrying about consuming toxins or harming the planet. Plastic cutlery is created for one-time use, which means that afterwards, they get disposed of and end up in waterways which can cause a lot of harm to the marine ecosystem.

Plastic-free and eco-friendly travel utensils

While on the go, it is common to need utensils to use. At Peace With The Wild, you can find the perfect utensils you can easily pack up and carry with you as you move around. With these utensils, you'll be sure that you have everything you need with you, even as you move around camping or going to work. You can always go right when you have eco-friendly travel utensils since they aren't for one-time use, nor will they harm you or the environment in any way.

Plastic-Free Travel Utensils

14 products

Products (14)