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Eco Cloths & Reusable Cotton Rounds The Sustainable Alternative

Our eco cloths and reusable cotton rounds are a great sustainable alternative that are zero waste and biodegradable. Being more environmentally conscious with the products that we use and the waste they produce has the added benefit of being better for our skin too. When we pledge to ditch the chemicals, we are doing our bodies a favour, as well as the environment. 

Whether you are male or female, and regardless of what age you are, the chances are you are using some kind of wipe or round as a part of your skincare washing routine. These usually come in the form of cotton/man-made fibre pads that we throw away or wipes that clog up drainage systems and pose a hazard to wildlife. Aside from this, we go through thousands in a single lifetime and the cost really racks up over say, 50 years.

Of course there is an eco alternative - you can switch to reusable, natural and more gentle alternatives. When combined with natural skincare products the result is less waste, less pollution, better skin, and less of an impact on the world around you.

Some people may be concerned that using reusable products is unhygienic but if you take care of them properly and wash them regularly there is no issue. Others may be concerned about the fact that you have to wash them afterwards, using more water and energy to do so. The truth is that this has less of an impact on the environment that discarding products that take hundreds of years to break down, and as they are small items, the added amount of work involved in cleaning them is negligible.

There is a whole world of wonderful eco, zero waste, reusable products out there for you to try- reusable makeup removers, sustainable nail polish removal rounds, zero waste washcloths, organic wipes, and everything in between. These products are available in natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton and can be reused time and time again.

Eco Cloths & Reusable Cotton Rounds For Zero Waste Skincare

Our range of eco cloths and reusable cotton rounds are made from 100% cotton, sustainable bamboo and certified organic. Eco cloths and reusable cotton rounds for your face and body are an essential when it comes to a sustainable and natural skincare routine. Our skin is the largest organ in our body but it is one that we are sometimes guilty of neglecting. Many of us make the switch to ditching carrier bags, using reusable cups, and dabbling in eco-friendly products in the home, but changing to a completely natural skincare regimen can be a bit daunting...

46 products

Products (46)