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Natural Hair Styling That Is Kind To Our Planet

Natural hair styling products are great! Not only do they make your hair look good, but their natural, vegan ingredients are also kind to your hair and our planet.

Traditional and commercial hair styling products have the reputation of being chemical based, bad for our health and the environment around us - all are true! For example hair spray! Hair spray is one of the more popular commercial hair styling products used and in most cases is always made with chemicals such as polymers and solvents. Unlike natural hair styling products, these chemicals are damaging to your hair fibres, roots and scalp.

Commercial hair spray also contains additives, synthetics and alcohol that dries out your hair and when in contact with the skin can also do the same. Commercial hair spray and other traditional hair styling can also cause respiratory problems and can cause allergic reactions, irritation and redness to the skin, eyes and scalp.

But there is an eco-friendly alternative! At Peace With The Wild, our collection of natural hair styling products are made with vegan and natural ingredients, that means no synthetics and all 100% chemical free. Discover our all natural range of natural hair styling - including natural hair spray, natural salt spray, natural volumising salt spray, natural hair clay and natural hair wax.

Not only are our natural hair styling products ingredients kind to the environment but so is their eco packaging. Available in glass bottles that can be refilled our reused and recyclable aluminium tins that can also be reusable and completely sustainable. Say goodbye to chemicals and single-use plastic, and hello, natural hair styling for naturally styled hair the vegan, plastic free, eco friendly way!

Natural Hair Styling The Vegan Way

Discover our collection of natural hair styling products all made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. All our natural hair styling products are supplied in eco-friendly and plastic free packaging that can be reused or recycled. Our organic hair spray is suitable for all types of hair and gives your hair volume and gloss as well as being easy to brush out. Natural hair styling products are great for adding volume, texture and long-lasting hold to you hair without harsh chemicals that can damage your hair fibres and our planet. Shop eco brands such as Rugged Nature and Moo - style your hair the vegan and natural way!

8 products

Products (8)