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When doing laundry, it's easy to notice different ways you aren't eco-friendly. For example, it could be because of the detergent and fabric softeners you're using or the accessories you use to store, wash and hang your clothes. At Peace With The Wild, you'll find a variety of laundry accessories that are eco-friendly and plastic-free to use in your home. With the rise in pollution, especially through plastic disposal, it is best to find ways to incorporate more long-lasting materials into your home that will last for a long time and then be recycled or decomposed easily.

You can find items such as plastic-free beech wood or bamboo pegs to hang your clothes or stainless steel clothes pegs. Both options eliminate the need for using plastic pegs which are so rampant. The wooden pegs are made of beech wood which is Sustainably certified. They are zero-waste, biodegradable, and plastic free. On the other hand, stainless steel clothes pegs are a one-time purchase that will last you a lifetime and will cut out the need to use plastic pegs which end up causing extra purchases every now and then. These stainless steel clothes pegs are zero waste, rust-free and plastic-free. They will last you a lifetime.

Now that you have eco-friendly pegs, if you require a peg bag, you can get yourself a pure linen peg bag. These are made out of 100% natural materials and are handprinted. They have a wide opening to easily put in a handful of pegs and are a good addition to your washing line. These bags are biodegradable, and even though they're long-lasting, they're also gentle to the touch. If you need a laundry wash bag, you can get yourself a mesh bag that allows water through while it still secures your items. You can also use these mesh bags when packing items like toiletries, so it serves more than one purpose.

Suppose you have clothes containing synthetic materials and fabrics. In that case, you can use a guppy bag to ensure that it collects all the microfibres and microplastics found in your clothes, preventing them from going down the drain and back into the water resources. The bag comes in plastic-free packaging, and the bag itself doesn't contain or release any microplastics or microfibres. This bag is quite eco-friendly as it will help prevent harming the environment, especially if you dress in materials that could contain these harmful microplastics. You can also get yourself a recycled waste cotton laundry bag that is machine washable, meaning that you'll keep your clothes in there and keep reusing them over and over again. It isn't bleached nor contains any dyes, colouring, or chemicals.

If you do lots of laundry, you'll realise how much time drying takes. But if you have wool dryer balls, you can easily reduce that drying time. These wool dryer balls don't destroy or bang your tank while in the washing machine, but they help soften the fabric and even cut down drying time, saving you some coins and saving the environment. They are natural and hypoallergenic, so anyone who is allergic to other softeners will find these to be quite gentle and not cause any reactions.

Natural and eco-friendly laundry accessories

Browse an endless list of eco-friendly and natural laundry accessories you need day-day when taking care of your laundry and your family's. These items are natural and ensure that you don't cause the environment any harm as you take care of your laundry. The materials are either recycled, plastic-free, or biodegradable. Get these items and live a guilt-free life now that you won't harm the environment in any way.

22 products

Products (22)